Frequently Asked Questions

Clarify the most frequently asked questions about how we process your personal data and about the different services we have to offer you.

Can I cancel the recurrence of my subscription at any time?

Yea! Deleting the User's account does not automatically cancel their active subscription. However, it is possible to cancel the recurrence of the premium subscription. For this, the User must contact us through the official channels, seek our Help Center!

There will be no refund to the User for the amounts paid for the current subscription, whether in full or in proportion to the unused period, after the expiry of the period for exercising the right to regret (07 days).

Can I use Mobills Financial Manager for my business?

What is the difference between Terms of Use and Privacy Notice?

How can I exercise my rights under the LGPD?

Is it safe to share my data with Mobills?

How can I talk to Mobills about data privacy?